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EFT Paintball Series!

EFT stands for European Fun Tour and offers you customized and unique concepts that you have never encountered before at any paintball event. We would like to offer you a lot of fun besides a professionally organized paintball event. Each day of the match will take place at a different location, and adapted to each place, we have something for you to have fun also outside the field. We look forward to see you at our paintball events!


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Event Schedule

Here you can find all current events of the EFT-Paintball Series with the respective venues.

For more information about the events, please click on the link at the end of the text or on "Events" in the main menu and select the desired venue.

Day 01 full schedule

April 08, 2018 EFT Paintball Events 2K18

Poland/Kracow - "Play Paintball Party Hard"

The first event of the EFT Paintball Series will take place in Poland. More specifically, in Poland's party metropolis "Krakow". Some of you already know the location from the legendary "CEPL Paintball Series", which took place there a few years ago. Now it is our location for the opening of the EFT 2018. Krakow is not only known for party, beautiful women and cheap alcohol, it is also a place with good food, a lot of culture and beautiful architecture of old Europe. For all information about the event in Krakow, please click here:


EFT-Paintball Series

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Austria/Saalfelden - "The winner takes it all"

The venue in Austria is called Saalfelden! The location is in a valley, at about 750m. From the location you have a great view of imposing mountains and a landscape that is unparalleled. In Austria, you can not only eat delicious, now you also can be a part of the Paintball Action on the EFT Paintball Series Event and experience in addition the great nature. We are looking forward to Austria! For all information about the event in Austria, please click here:


EFT-Paintball Series

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Croatia/Omis - "Paintball, Sun and Team Vacation"

The Beach Cup is the annual event of our Paintball Fun Tour and offers you very special highlights. The host city of 2018 is called Omis and is only a few kilometers from Croatia's second largest city, Split. You can play in a football stadium next to the Adriatic coast, THIS is definitely the best paintball location you can find in Europe. For all information about the event in Croatia, please click here:


EFT-Paintball Series

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We work on it...

Currently we are still in the negotiations for the 4th venue of the EFT-Paintball Series 2018. Therefore we can not present a fixed location at the moment. We are negotiating with 3 locations in 3 neighboring countries to Germany and will soon make an internal decision. Of course, as soon as possible, we will announce the location for number 4, another paintball event of a different kind.


EFT-Paintball Series

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Frequent Asked Questions

Q. How can I participate in EFT-Paintball Series?

It´s very easy to become part of the EFT-Paintball Series. Click on "Register now" in the main menu and book a place for your team.

Or just click here:

Q. Do we get a discount if we participate in several events?

Yes !! We grant you a discount of 15% for each Event you participate.

Let's say you participate in 3 events, then you get 15% off to your team account for the first event. For the second event there is also a 15% discount. However, you can use and combine the discount as you wish. For example, you will receive a 15% deduction on the starting fee on the second and third event or full 30% on the third event!

Q. How is the EFT Paintball Series different to other Paintball events?

The EFT Paintball Series is not a standard tournament as you know it! We also want to entertain you off the field and really offer you something. Our concept is to combine paintball with fun and a nice team vacation that will surely weld you even more together. In addition, the NXL layout will be played at each event, which will be placed on the next day of the DPL (German Paintball League).

Q. Do we need an id card?

Yes, every participating player needs an ID card. Depending on the event, the ID card is already included in the starting price and can therefore be purchased free of charge or for a small fee. Please take more details from the event that is interesting for you in our ticket shop. Simply click on "Register now" in the main menu!

Q. Which payment do we accept?

We accept Paypal and bank transfer for payment of participation, player card and merchandise.

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Crazy Paintball Events

Event tickets 2018

Poland - Krakow


349 "Play Paintball Party hard"

  • Entry fee for the tournament
  • Ticket for season opening party in the club
  • 2 alcoholic drinks in the club
  • Medical care during tournament
  • 1 free participation in an Action Canoying Tour
  • 1 hot lunch and 1 softdrink
  • Register Now

Austria - Saalfelden


299 "The winner takes it all"

  • Entry fee for the tournament
  • At least 1200€ bounty for the winner
  • 1 hot lunch and 1 softdrink
  • ID Card
  • Players Party
  • Trophys
  • Register Now

Croatia - Split

M5 Tournament

499 "Paintball, Sun and Team Vacation"

  • Entry fee for the tournament
  • 2 days + 1 day final round
  • Best paintball venue in Europe
  • Best service you can get
  • A lot of sun
  • 20meter to the crystal blue adriatic sea
  • Register Now
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